API CMO & CDMO Manufacturer

With over 9 years in Contract Customization,operates more than2 member factories.

9 years of experience in drug custom synthesis and special design services

Aea.ltd provides unrivaled expertise and quality compliance by adhering to cGMP requirements.
The manufacturing process at Aea.ltd adheres to cGMP standards. The management and technical teams are both professional and adhere to acceptable work ethics.
Aea.ltd has passed a stringent quality inspection and validation. This ensures that all products meet cGMP and CE requirements.
Aea.ltd passed ISO 9001: 2015 quality system certification, strict internal management, product quality, market is vast, exported to the United States, Europe, Japan, and other places, for these local research institutions, pharmaceutical companies to provide a number of chemical products within the directory.
Aea.ltd is dedicated to drug research and development; we can provide grams to kilograms of products, as well as custom synthesis and special design services.



We are here to deliver first aid products


Specialized laboratories in 16 states


Laboratory & diagnostic specialists


We do it for the greater good of the society

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