R&D Center

Our R&D center has 3 Ph.D.from USA and 5 M.S. chemists in China. Our company equipped with HPLC, GC, and other analytical instruments. Tests can be done on IR, GC/MS, LC/MS and 400NMR at the SIOC through contract. Our fully equipped research laboratories are dedicated to the route discovery, validation, and process development.
Once the projects come into our R&D center, our highly experienced chemists will conduct quick initial evaluation and offer you our proposal for further activities.
From first batch sample submission to pilot scale up and chemistry validation, we emphasize on the speed without compromising the quality. Our well-trained analytical chemists are responsible for method development supporting the process development team.
Reactions can be carried out in up to 50L glass-lined vessels. High-pressure hydrogenation vessels and autoclaves are also available up to 10L.

Pilot Plant

Our pilot plant was ISO 9001:2000 certified.
At our pilot plants, we can operate regular production up to metric ton quantity and focus on following activities:

  • Process scale up from R&D center;
  • Contract synthesis for up to hundred-kilo quantity;
  • Early phase API manufacturing;
  • In-house process validation and trial quantity production;
  • Our pilot plant has in-process quality control to support the production.          


  • Glass-lined reactor: 10L,20L,50L;
  • Stainless-steal reactor: 300l,500L,1000L;
  • Ceramic Reactors: 300L, 500L, 1000L;
  • Autoclaves: 50L,100L;
  • Temperature range: -78ºC to 200ºC;
  • Pressure: up to 120psi;
  • High vacuum system: 1mmHg.
Facility Analytical Facilities

Commercial Manufacturing

We have a commercial production base in Hangzhou China. With the facility capable of handling up to multi-hundred-metric ton operation, Our benefits from its wide range production choices, which gives us the advantage to supply our customers with flexible lead-time.

Quality control at our commercial site covers following areas:

  •  In-process quality control;
  • Batch analysis;
  • Ware-house labeling;
  • Release control;
  • Batch sample storage.


  •  Glass-lined reactor: 1000L, 2000L, 3000L;
  • Stainless-steal reactor: 1000L,2000L;
  • Ceramic Reactors: 300L, 500L, 2000L;
  • Autoclaves:500L, 1000L;
  • Temperature range: -78ºC to 250ºC;
  • Pressure: up to 120psi;
  • High vacuum system: 1mmHg.

Analytical Facilities

Our analysis and testing center has two parts, which are located in Shanghai and Hangzhou.

Analytical Instrumentation

  • 400 MHz, Bruker NMR, AVANCE III
  • LC/MS (Schimadzu, LC-20AD pump, LC-MS 2010EV detector)
  • HPLC (reverse phase, Schimadzu, UV/Vis SPD-20A, LC-20AT pump)
  • Gas Chromatography (GC-7890F, Shanghai Techcomp )